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My lifetime masterpiece is now available in hard copy or eBook!
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– Reverend George Wood General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God
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Thanks for visiting Christ’s Affection. We want to be a blessing to you. Please watch the informative video below.
My Favorite Product
This product CREATES serotonin and feeds, directs, and
stimulates adult stem cells. It lowers the stress hormone by up to 50%. I take two capsules a day.
Wes Daughenbaugh has a proven pastoral ministry of more than 40 years. His passion for sound doctrine and correct teaching has resulted in this balanced book on faith. I commend him on his scholarly effort and believe his work will be of great benefit to the kingdom.
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Recommended Reading by Wes…
Prophetic Comfort
Everyone needs to read this very encouraging dream
vision given to Michael
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Prophetic Warnings Everyone needs to view this prophetic warning given to Rick Joyner.
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Wes’s View Of The News
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