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Faith Concepts of Jesus will give you 12 concepts of faith from the words of Jesus Christ. These “faith concepts” are the building blocks of a life of faith. Every miracle and answer to prayer happens because one or more of these faith concepts are involved. When you understand them, you’ll understand why miracles happen. Then you can replicate similar miracles in your own life.

This book will help you to attain the same kind of faith evidenced in the lives of Elijah, Moses, Peter, Paul and all the other Bible heroes. You will also be able to convert your problems into blessings as you apply these faith concepts in daily life.

“Wes Daughenbaugh has a proven pastoral ministry of more than 40 years. His passion for sound doctrine and correct teaching has resulted in this balanced book on faith. I commend him on his scholarly effort and believe his work will be of great benefit to the kingdom.”

Dr. George Wood

General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God

Principles of Perseverance_Front Cover

Principles Of Perseverance

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Wes Daughenbaugh takes a candid look at perseverance, one of the seven components in the “cycle of success.” Perseverance, the “love that keeps on obeying,” is the step in the cycle that comes just before victory and great achievement.

He identifies twelve principles of perseverance used by Jesus and His apostles. Renew your strength, overcome discouragement and go on to great victory and achievement. Even if you are not discouraged now, learning to practice these truths continually can help sway you from future discouragement. You will learn how to live in the motivation of Jesus Christ!

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The Heart God Hears_Front Cover

The Heart God Hears

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The Heart God Hears focuses not on why we should pray, what to pray for, or when to pray, but rather on forming the character of an intercessor. If you practice these truths, you will be the kind of person God always hears.
In this classic on the subject of prayer, you will also learn:
1. How to be the kind of person who can hear God’s voice.
2. How to conquer bitterness and self-pity.
3. How to overcome the habit of criticizing others.
4. How to live so that all external problems convert to blessings.
5. How to get your marriage healed.
6. How to love difficult people.
7. How to live in peace by living a life of love.
8. How to cycle in success and avoid deadly conceit.
This book should be re-read every year. Its principles remain very challenging to do – even for the author! Your eyes will be opened to many areas that will lead you to repent.
You’ll enjoy the artwork that illustrates each chapter. The illustrations on over-coming bitterness are especially powerful.

Hear What The Spirit Is Saying

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As one who has been a pastor for 25 years, I heartily recommend Hear What The Spirit Is Saying, for I believe it holds the prophetic words that are so very needed for our time! (see Forward)

George R. Wilson
Senior Pastor
Rogue River Assembly of God

In the spirit of prophecy, as illustrated throughout the New Testament, Sister Wilson has recorded messages of encouragement, blessing, and instruction for the end-time church. This book should be an encouragement to pastors and those who are serious about the work of God. (see page ii)
Vemon J. Marks

Assistant Superintendent,
Oregon District
Assemblies of God

HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING was written as a first-person-conversation with the Holy Spirit and also includes the author’s observations, insights, and exhortations resulting from a 20 year residue of deep feelings of conviction. Although there are words of correction from the Lord, there are also comforting words and gentle words of love and compassion — all intended to awaken the Believer.

Faithful Sayings_Front Cover

Faithful Sayings

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This little book is actually the treasure chest of my heart. Into this treasure chest have gone all the precious things God has spoken to me and taught me over my lifetime. I cannot express in words the value I place on these truths. This is what I heard God say. This is what God taught me. These truths corrected me, rescued me, empowered me and motivated me. These precious truths are the dearest of old friends, friends even closer than brothers.

These are not shallow truths. Many were learned in the depths of emotional pain and great crisis. But they were deeper still and calmed my storms. They also represent the delightful fellowship of God’s instruction-delicious truth-morsels of food for the soul. Enjoy them. May they do for you what they have done for me. May they help you know God and Jesus Christ, his Son.